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“Hold Fast” out now!


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About Me

My name is Jaron Micah Bundy, I am a 18 year old musician, songwriter, and producer. My passion is music and what drives my passion is creating something that can reach and impact others. A major influence in my life and inspiration for my music is my older brother Caleb who has autism and multiple other disabilities. Despite the challenges his disabilities bring, Caleb is the center and light of our family and he has taught me so much about love, service, and patience. Especially throughout the process of writing and recording my EP “Hold Fast”, I have realized that I wouldn’t be the person I am without my brother Caleb. My EP “Hold Fast” is a short collection of intimate worship songs I have written over the past couple of years or so. As the project unfolded, my vision for these songs became clear that this project was one of hope and encouragement. This fall I will be pursuing music at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Follow my social medias to stay updated on my music!



“Jaron Micah Music ‘Hold Fast'” – article by The Conejo Guardian

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